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Artist of the Day at Flowers Gallery

selected by Patrick Hughes

Cork Street, London

Solo show 28th June 2016 ~ 8 paintings exhibited

Group exhibition 2nd July 2016 ~ 1 painting exhibited

Photographs of the exhibition 'Paul Critchley -Artist of the Day' at Flowers Gallery, London 1

Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce the 2016 edition of Artist of the Day, a vital West End exhibition programme selected by leading contemporary artists since 1983. The revolving two week exhibition platform showcases the work of eleven artists whose work deserves increased recognition and exposure. Each receives a one day solo exhibition at Flowers Gallery’s Mayfair location, with a programme of events taking place each day.

“Artist of the Day has given a platform and context to artists who may not have exhibited much before, accompanied by the support and dedication of their selectors. The relationship between the selector and the artist adds an intimate power to the exhibitions.” – Matthew Flowers

This year Patrick Hughes has selected Paul Critchley as his ‘Artist of the Day’

Paul Critchley : 

We do not live in a square world so who said paintings have to be square or rectangular? I have been painting irregular shaped canvases since 1978, and the first diptych I made was in 1990. I am showing diptychs and triptychs in this exhibition because I like it when the paintings can be opened and closed showing different scenes such as day and night, inside and out, occupied then empty, summer and winter.

Patrick Hughes :

Paul's canvases are made in perspective, the way that we see. They are wittily conceived and knowingly painted. We are drawn to move around in his imagined space and to consider where we are and what we can see. Critchley's joy and subtle humour come out to meet us where we are.

View of exhibition at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London
View of exhibition at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London
View of exhibition at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London
Catalogue of the exhibition
Exhibition catalogue, Flowers Gallery, Artist Of The Day, selected by Patrick Hughes