Fallo (Chieti), Italy

12th - 14th August 2018

Mini Installation of ‘A Sense of Place’

20 paintings

360 photograph of the Installation ©Photoworkx

360° Panorama photo ©Photoworkx

aerial view of Fallo (Chieti)

Site of my mini-installation of 'A Sense of Place'

street view

Over the years many Italians have emigrated to all corners of the world contributing to the communities they have moved to whilst maintaining strong links with their home towns. Such is the case with Fallo (Chieti) many of whose people emigrated to South Africa during the last century. In August 2018 the ex-president of South Africa P.K. Motlanthe, accompanied by Prof. Dott. Shirish Manaklal Soni, the South African ambassador, led a delegation to Fallo where Mr Motlanthe was granted honorary citizenship and the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela was celebrated.

 One of a number of cultural events included the first edition of the project FALDUSfabrica, an exhibition by contemporary artists spread throughout the old town of Fallo in wine cellars and houses converted into art spaces. The other artists exhibiting  at the event were :

    Gaetano De Crecchio

    Patrizio Di Sciullo

    Gianfranco Gorgoni

    Gianluigi Mancini

    Roberto Monasterio

    Albano Paolinelli

    Francesco Vitelli

    Sabastiano De Laurentiis

A photographic exhibition on the life of Nelson Mandela organized by the South African Embassy is included in the events.

 Mrs Gugu Motlanthe opened the exhibitions.