ArtExpo, Barcelona

with Galeria d’Art Mar (Barcelona)

7th - 11th  May 1998

8 paintings exhibited

Paul Critchley's paintings at ArtExpo Barcelona 1998 on the stand of Galeria d'Arte Mar

Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine

Richard Schweid

Art, Art and More Art

More than 700 artists will be represented at the third ARTEXPO, from May 7 -11 in Palacio 1 at the Fira de Barcelona. Among them will be Englishman, and Barcelona resident, Paul Critchley, who has exhibited at both previous events.

"I'm going to show some of my window pieces, three big paintings and two or three small ones. I'm going for impact rather than sales," said Critchley, originally from Rainford, England, near Liverpool.

His paintings are full of the colours and light of Spain, and his windows on Barcelona are just that, paintings of windows which the viewer actually opens to look through to another painting of the city outside the window." I want people to touch the paintings, open them and discover there's another element in it. I'm doing one now with the light coming in and falling on the floor and out the window you see a bit of Barcelona".

Artexpo will give visitors a chance to see a wide range of art on sale, from paintings and sculpture to drawings and graphic arts. There's a daily entrance fee of 800 pesetas, and this year there will be a separate space, Artexpo Jove, dedicated to artists under 35.

The event is put on by the Fira in collaboration with the Gremi de Galerias d'Art de Catalunya. In 1997, 34,937 people visited Artexpo, which hopes to be a meeting place between the public, gallery owners, and artists where original art can be bought at reasonable prices to satisfy a wide variety of tastes.