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A Time Of Remorse

The Time of Remorse      

diptych, oil on canvas on hardboard

132 x 94 cm closed, 132 x 127 cm open

The Time of Remorse is an allegory about change, a change from one situation to another, from good to bad. I used the age-old story of Adam & Eve to try to get closer to that idea of fear; the fear in the imagination, whilst at the same time linking the image to today’s life by making their home as contemporary as ours. Their home has become black, white and lifeless, the Garden of Eden outside is bright and colourful. Eve has been outside to search for fig leaves and, as she reaches inside to give Adam a leaf, her arm loses colour and becomes black and white too. The fig leaf is from the good world and so remains colourful. Adam has his head in his hands in agony of his misdeed of biting into the forbidden fruit and they realize that the whole world around them is changing.